Visit Egypt, a great civilization awaits you at the edge valley of the Nile, 

To visit the temples of the Pharaons, to admire the old mummies and to discover their secrecies cradle of Egyptian civilization.


A voyage of dream in Egypt, to leave for 
a fairy-like stay at the edge of the Nile .

To visit the temples of Karnak, Louxor and Abu Simbel and to traverse the valley of the kings. To visit the town of Aswan, the capital of Egypt, Cairo shelters the treasures of Toutankhamon, Cairo so accessible makes you visit its many museums and tourist sites. The Egyptian museum and most beautiful holidays on the edges of the Nile. To visit Egypt country of the Pharaons.

A voyage in Egypt to discover the history
of a great civilization.

Egypt is several times millenium. Egypt shelters the many archeological sites which count among most important and oldest in the world. Discover in Egypt the monuments of Pharaonic civilization, that of the Greeks and Romans, the period copte of Christianity, Islamic art and a multitude of museums of old art and history and contemporary art, to also visit the Souks and Bazards. A voyage in Egypt is an unforgettable experiment. Discover the charm and the hospitality of the Egyptians.

A visit to the country of the Pharaons.
To pass a stay of dream to Egypt, to visit old museums and historic sites, to let impress you by the magic of the hurdy-gurdies stones. Thousand-year-old Egypt abounds in old monument which dates from old Egypt Pharaonic and passing by the time gréco-Roman, Copte Christian, Islamique as well as the contemporary time of arts and cultures. A visit of the Souks and Bazards is offered to the amateurs of statues, pendentive, papyrus, glassmakings, craft industry of all kinds. A voyage in Egypt will make known to you the know-how of the Égyptiens craftsmen.

To leave for a cruising on the Nile
Leave for a stay and a cruising on the Nile, it is to leave to discovered wonders, for the amateurs of hurdy-gurdies stones and old sites, for impassioned archaeology, bitten old temples. A tourist stay at the town of Louxor and Assouan, enables you to visit and to admire the temple of Karnak, the Temple of Louxor, the Temple of Abu Simbel and celebrates it valley of the kings.

Toutankhamon or ANY ANKH- AMON
And especially do not forget to visit the museum of Cairo and to admire the treasures of Toutankhamon to the museum of Cairo. The mummy of the King All - Ankh - Amon, as well as the funeral mask in Solid gold with fact the round the world tour, than it intended for a young king who dies young person in 19 years.

The tomb of King Toutankhamon or ANY ANKH- AMON, was discovered on November 4, 1922, by the Egyptologist Howard Carter. The tomb of Toutankhamon carries number Kv 62, of the thousands of objects were in the tomb at the time of its discovery by Howard Carter.

The name of Toutankhamon means “the alive image of Amon”

The King ANY ANKH- AMON or Toutankhamon is most famous of the Pharaons, his mummy as of the thousands of objects which were in its tomb made several times the turn of the capitals of the world.

A voyage in Egypt to visit the pyramids. The pyramids of Egypt, are colossal monuments dedicated to the immortality and the eternal life of the Pharaon. The most famous pyramids are the pyramids of the plate of Gizeh. The largest pyramid and highest is that of King Khéops.

In Egypt old, the pyramids are on Western bank of the Nile, it is that of the setting sun, or rivets it deaths, the cities were on bank Is. The pyramids are the vestiges alive emblématiques of the size of Egyptian civilization.

To visit Egypt as a tourist is especially to admire the splendid pyramids, vestiges of an old and emblematic civilization. One on the whole counts, 87 pyramids distributed on the plate of Gizeh which covers a surface of 160 km carrrés.

The large pyramid of Gizeh counts among the seven wonders of the world.

The large pyramid of Gizeh still maintains its mysteries and its secrecies.

During a stay in Egypt you will find also other archeological sites important: 

Principal archeological sites in Egypt. in Cairo and Guizèh (Gizeh) the area of Dahchour,
Archaeological areas of Alexandria the column of Pompey - the Roman amphitheatre - the temple of Macaws El Soda - the room with pylons - the cemetery of Kom El Choukafa: - The temple of El Kayssaron.
Archeological sites of the town of Louxor: The town of Louxor - the temple of Karnak - the temple of Louxor - the temple of Habou - the valley of the kings - the valley of the queens - the monastery of the city - the museum of the momification in the town of Louxor.
Archaeological and tourist areas of Aswan the town of Aswan: The island of Philae - the island of the plants the city El Baliana (Abydos) - the town of Qéna - the town of Minieh - the city of Blessed Soueif - the town of Al Achmounine.
The Sinai and the vestiges tourist and historical in the Sinai one finds the mountain of Brace, proof of the passage of the people Hebrew in Egypt.