Trade of pets, dogs and cats.

In this article we will talk mainly about dog and cat.

The dog has always been one of the most faithful friend of man, his long history with humans is definitively proven by scientists.

The cat also has accompanied humans for millennia, it has found many mummies of cats in the tombs of pharaohs famous, even the cat was revered as a deity by the pharaohs.

Dogs and cats are far from being useless in a home. The dog helps protect exterior of the home against intruders and unwanted people.

The pet food companies are racing to prepare the best recipes for food and meet our pets. Dogs and cats to a wide variety of foods from meat, poultry, fish and seafood is important to take care of the food for our dog or our cat.
Road accidents are a lot of casualties among our friends dogs and cats every year many dogs or cats die crushed by cars.
Others because of their high commercial value are simply stolen.
We can adopt a dog or cat if the owner wants to get rid of. We must take care that our pets remain safe.

Buying pet trade is a flourishing and prosperous, the price of some purebred dogs skyrocketed, the cat breeds have their experts.

Buying or selling a dog or cat is subject to strict regulation.
We can also adopt a pet, a dog or a cat or abandoned must be given all necessary care for its survival.
It becomes mandatory to address the health of our pets, dog or cat deserves our attention and our love.

Any transaction of sale of a purebred dog or cat must be accompanied by certain documents: a birth certificate, pedigree for dogs or cats, the authentication of the chip or tattoo of the animal The health certificate of vaccination and finally the purchase invoice of the animal or the sales contract which also mentions other useful details.
Owning a pet, a dog or cat brings much joy and happiness in our life, luck also sometimes accompanies these charming animals.

Our friend the pets: dogs and cats.