New secrets revealed to conquer the public, captivate and charm any audience.

Social media power is important to become famous, prepare to be number 1 among most popular channels.

Keep learning idol secrets, through the pleasantries with people and repeat the people in your life that you love.

Repeat it again and again to the public, so that they'll feel, and once again, when you up on stage to sing, try to be comfortable in your plan and dream.

It is not only a way to become famous, the closer you are to the public, and the public will feel that you love, and the greater the chance of becoming a real public star.

Look 10 years younger than actual age, and behave like a rockstar.

Learn to conquer the public, perform songs in reality TV shows & idol audience. 

This means addressing issues of songs, that matter to your fans, and that interest those around you, even if you personally are not really a fan of these subjects.

If you are in front of a crowd of admirers or admirers, talk about the song of the day or the meteoric rise of a new song.

If you are among a group of fans quickly guess their musical preferences and make their of compliments related to their criticisms.

Nobody expects you to be a perfect star among the public immediately. Be patient to get opportunities and realize your dream.

This is your level of desire that drives you to commit yourself to become famous among people, to discuss topics of songs that make you a star interesting. Keep an open mind during your services to the public.

Let the fans give their impression.

If your admirers think wrongly on one of your songs, so do not react with anger, saying that you know more on the subject of the song are to be honest with your fans and just say that you like their presence.

A social media celebrity, get talent to conquer the public and convince the public.

How to conquer the public when appearing at television for singing pop music.

Be interested in your fans, if you have one of your admirers, greet him, talk to him and try to learn more about your preferences and interests, do not forget to ask her are her favorite songs and try you remember.

Be very careful about this, if you do not want to be seen as a proud person. If you ask too much to your audience, they will become tired of hearing you sing, you can not easily become a real public pop star.

Ask your family what are the things that matter most to become a real celebrity.

  These subjects will guarantee to be famous among the people.
Most people do not like to think about certain things like pop art, but they do not really have a choice. Nevertheless, the reputation of a famous person, must be maintained at a high level of media celebrity. 

  Of course the main object to conquer any public, and reach the status of world celebrity, "Public number 1 Idol" is to start progressively, from the beginning, no hurry for being the number one, step-by-step, take your time and be famous.

  Even if your private celebrity, goal is to let you know to become a big star, you must learn and understand the need prepare to become a famous star.   Look like a pop star - make a permanent makeup.

To be loved by the public, to be a famous star at the media TV.

 Sincerely compliment the audience instead of doing comedy. If you want to talk with your fans, or you talk to a group of admirers, and up pops a person who criticizes you, then you have to take the criticism of another person in a positive way, to become a famous person, be he who mentions something that pleases the public.

 Personal rich famous star celebrity, must conquer any public, get the charisma is the most powerful tool to win and become a famous star, because the star is still considered to be 100% sincere in their art. 

This approach has the advantage of creating trust around your admirers. idea will spread among your fans, you've never said anything to anyone. Everyone will know that your star reputation is safe with the public.

How to act like a star against the famous TV admirers. 

Accept compliments graciously of your number 1 celebrity, fans, and stop thinking that all compliment the public is given without any real effort on your part.

Even when a viewer makes a compliment out of pure interest, there will always be a germ of truth from their admiration, and at the bottom of their heart you will be a real star.

Be friendly with the public accepting their compliments.

Before an audience that listens to you sing, go beyond a simple thank you and put something more like: I am happy to be here. These are compliments to do its audiences. 

Avoid also repel people who do not admire you as "A number 1 celebrity".

There is nothing worse for a fan that compliments you, than to receive a gesture of refusal.

A true rich famous star, knows how generously compliment the public, especially to increase the self-esteem after another. We must try to do things that the public likes, and your fans will appreciate you in all situations, and clearly express their admiration for you.

If you have a new song to, then we must find a creative way to sing in public. If you hesitate too long before going on stage, it may be considered bad for people, especially if you have other singers ahead with the public, because you may have waited too long to satisfy your audience, then you are no longer eligible to remain a star, do not make the mistake of not having enough confidence in yourself to the celebrity public.

Follow the guide to conquer any public, and become a public idol. 

Becoming a famous TV idol must openly tell people what you think, and not surprisingly, which will ultimately only effect that losing public esteem; always try to give maximum sincerity to your surroundings.

In this way, you are on the right track to become a famous star with a large celebrity audience