The danger of pursuing a relationship with a married man: disillusionment. About the final issue of a married man's secret relationship

It's just three months you're dating a married man, you have exchanged confidences, and the first passionate kiss.
But this man can tell you right away, in fact he is married and is father of two small children.

How to hide a secret relationship with a woman Many solutions to resolve a married man's extramarital secret affair.

You are so helpless because you thought you finally met a man great, friendly and attentive and free, but it failed, what to do in this case, continue to go out with this married man, or break the relationship.
For some time you will think that the reaction most correct and most reasonable would be to end the relationship.
But it is well known that in terms of feelings, it is difficult to discuss.

Some tips for how to manage a relationship with a married man and make wise decisions. To manage a secret relationship with a married man

First board: understand if it's easy to love a married man and see why this relationship will do you good.  
So take stock of the feelings that this relationship gives you and understand why it attracted you and keeps you close to him.

Second board: take stock of the situation, try to understand and know what makes you special to her.
It is necessary to differentiate between dream and reality, and learn to distinguish between the false promises and real action in your favor.

Take also well aware of the challenges of a relationship with a married man, for you and the consequences to your family and family.
So if a married man chooses to leave his wife, he must be careful not to include your responsibility in this matter.
Know what are the pitfalls if the break with his family is still new for him?

Third tip: choose and be clear about your expectations with this married man in a relationship it is wise to be clear and sincere.
In case you want to break this relationship, consider how to overcome the pain of a breakup without too much crying.
Our tips will guide you with the best ways to take your distance, within reason.
Why is it sometimes so difficult to break a relationship, and not to continue, then we feel that we need as a man.

Fourth tip: assert its desires, and not listen to excuses we give ourselves or promises to give us and blocking all solutions. Understand the real meaning of some apology is important because it often delays the deadline always a solution, we must decide what to do if he chooses to leave his wife for a new start with you.
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Question and Answer to manage a relationship with a married man.  Keeping a relationship with a married man's secret

Question: I am in love with a married man and wants to know his real intentions without the rush, now I feel compelled to hide relationship, because he is married.
if you are in love, it's not a reason to lose your head and not remain lucid, because you might suffer later, obviously this is easier said than done. 

But do not judge too quickly the married, and do not rush into a decision. Be fair, do not push to leave his wife and children, it is not normal for a man leaves his family overnight. If you want to keep this relationship in secret and quietly manage the relationship, then ask about his current life, what is it really his relationship with his wife, is he really has to leave.

A solution to manage a relationship with a married man.  A solution to secret extramarital relationship

A relationship with a married man can hide a great sadness and great joy.
The woman thinks when she should be an exception, because if a married man ultimately agrees to leave his wife for her. She has a sense of victory.

From the relationship, dating a married man, the person is happy and thinks she can live a love story without any problems.

Between a young woman and her lover who is married is often the classic story, as the relationship between boss and secretary.

Here is a classic testimony: When I started working beside this man had for him great respect and admiration.
For his part, so it was nice, I've never seen anything unusual. But over time, gradually, the relationship with this man has developed, I became a confidante and a friend. I was very happy, I felt proud to serve my boss. 

But over time I began to understand that I was in love with him, I was afraid of losing it, I tried to seduce him, so what would happen, happened, we started out together and have an intimate relationship, however the problem is that he is a married man, I do not know if I have to hide or break this relationship, let me hear it from the start, it's best to hide this relationship as being married, he could not leave his wife right away, and also that he did not break the relationship.

Other evidence of relationship with a married man.  How can a married man keep the relationship secret

For three years I've been in love with a married man, the relationship is going well and hard, however, we must hide the relationship, because of his wife, I do not want to push him to leave his wife because he has children. I do not want to break this relationship, just because he is married, but I must honestly say that after the exhilaration of the beginning, I think I fell into a trap, I feel compelled to hide from the people I'm in love with a married man.

About the final solution for a married man's secret relationship Solution and final board to manage the relationship with a married man.  

Protect yourself, if you think this man is sincere and he loves you, so be ready to live with him all the complications that can happen, if breaking the relationship with this married man is impossible, then give him a little time to choose whether to leave his wife.

But expect to live many happy moments as moments of sadness, because often it is necessary to hide the relationship with a married man.

But if you warned that he will never leave his wife, know that it is still quite possible to live a beautiful love story, even if a man is married.