It is important to know the different reasons why a permanent makeup lasts longer or shorter.

  The first is exposure to the sun acting on the pigment, there are also cell regeneration, which is the same for everyone, and then the colors used, because some colors fade faster than others, also take into account the nature of the pigment used for permanent makeup, and face rejuvenation.

If a comparison is made between permanent makeup and non-surgical tattoo classic, in the first case the skin is only masked the surface, in the second case, it is deep.

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Thus, unlike the traditional tattoo, color pigments are injected under the skin deeply.

For this reason the technique has many followers, because it can make the face more beautiful. People who are willing to use this non-surgical method can choose from several face aging prevention techniques.

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Permanent makeup ends up leaving, unlike traditional tattoo that lasts very long. According to customer expectations, permanent makeup or face rejuvenation, can last 2 to 3 years, but no more.

Permanent anti-aging & non-surgical anti-wrinkle makeup, to regain a much younger look? The art of rejuvenating the face with a makeup

Generally, it is important to have a first contact with a dermatologist or esthetician who will offer advice from the expectations of each person. It is therefore a dermatologist or esthetician you realize a permanent face makeup.

You choose it with color pigments, depending on your request.

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Installation is performed under local anesthesia, it is painless and takes about two or three hours, depending on each type of makeup, because makeup is always based on the face shape. 

Following this anti-aging & anti-wrinkle procedure, you will have no redness at the site of the work, however slight swelling may appear, which will take between one to several days.
Initially, you may feel that is too dark pigmentation, but after a few days, color pigments will become more natural.

Permanent makeup for aging wrinkle prevention,  involves injecting mineral pigments under the skin without risk of allergy. This non-surgical technique requires a very precise and meticulous, which can last from 1 hour to 3 hours depending on the work performed by the face stylist.

The facial non-surgical rejuvenation dermatologist first performs a line in pencil on the area of work, this work is primarily done to prepare and carry out the desired result. then comes injections colors that are done under local anesthesia, millimeter.

This technique of face stylist also allows a key test for the choice of color pigments and also avoid bleeding.

Three types of makeup can be made for face total rejuvenation:

     Make your own makeup and prepare to become a real pop-star.

Permanent makeup eyebrows, permanent makeup lips, permanent makeup and eyes.

 It is a specialized face anti-aging wrinkle stylist beautician, who does the work of rejuvenating the face using several color pigments. 

All non-surgical makeup must be done with local anesthesia, should take about at least one hour of work, with a touch as possible in the coming weeks to make a correction.

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Permanent makeup is most often three facial areas:
eyebrows, lips and eyes. It should be noted that these are the areas of the face that make up most often, face facial rejuvenation stylist advice, to start a face rejuvenation process.

It can therefore bring a touch of beauty that the person avoids make-up every morning, it is the ideal solution for pressed people who desire to appear younger using different set of color pigments.

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Whatever the type of makeup that you want to use, always make this request to a dermatologist or esthetician seasoned accustomed to this kind of practice. should also know that the installation of permanent makeup, blush is the skin which may swell slightly, but this is temporary, as the skin regains its normal appearance after one or two weeks. During this time, it is necessary to apply a special lotion antiseptic to the affected area.

Indeed, permanent makeup is for people who want to change the appearance of the lips, and appear younger, those wishing to reshape eyebrows, and finally those who wish to conceal unwanted scars on the face.

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In all cases, it is do a makeup that will keep for several years and also does not deteriorate quickly as a traditional makeup. 

You should know the secrets of rejuvenation process, to start a permanent makeup, it may appears both during the day and night. 

Therefore, face total rejuvenation experts and makeup stylist, also suggest to plots and natural colors to people.
however, it is ultimately the customers who decide the final choice.

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Either: permanent makeup eyebrows, permanent makeup lips permanent makeup and eyes.

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