There are different ways to whiten stained teeth.

Everything depends on the time you have, because the cost is totally free, and it is sometimes better to take your time, because the whitening results will be better. Use free bio cosmetics to have a white bright smile.

If you want to get the effect of a free tooth whitening, here are the means with the best chemical free products to get whiter teeth:

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Sea salt for teeth all white.

Sea salt contains a large amount of natural iodine and helps whiten teeth thoroughly. In fact, thanks to a high content of iodine, sea salt has to have antiseptic properties.

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Wash your teeth several times a week by mixing sea salt in warm water to get a bright smile. You have a kind of natural seawater.
Soak your toothbrush in the salt water and brush your teeth. This is a free way to whiten teeth easily.

Some sources say that a mixture of lemon juice with sea salt is also ideal for teeth whitening and remove stained teeth .

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Have white bright smile with white teeth, using baking soda and prevent further discoloration.

Be careful, because the baking soda is abrasive, it is prudent to apply this method only once a week, because the tooth enamel may be reached.
You notice a real result after 3 laundering to 4 months of use.

But it is better to rely on, whitening products certified rather, than free means so.
Because there is little evidence on the market that are more abrasive than baking soda.
Use baking soda with caution and do not use a very small amount to brush your teeth, and get white bright smile.

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To whiten teeth free with the charcoal.

Charcoal, is indeed a natural product to whiten teeth, this is probably one of the most effective.
Simply mix a bit of charcoal with toothpaste and you will have whiter teeth slightly.

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Coal plants is a natural way obtained by the process of carbonization of certain varieties of trees or coconut.
To use it, you can add a little charcoal directly with toothpaste when you brush your teeth. 

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Make free teeth whitening with different means possible, but be careful, above all, tooth whitening is a medical procedure reserved for dentists and other specialists teeth.