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Ventilate the house every day in winter, but in an appropriate way not to waste heat, it is important to ensure good air quality and reduce the humidity in the rooms, because the humidity in the house leads to an additional expenditure of electrical heating.

You can open a window a few minutes in winter to fresh air and remove moisture, also cut electric convector heater and place in a state of inertia long, as the dryer set in economy mode.

Relatively central heating, it is advisable to reduce the heat a bit in order to decrease costs and thus save some money on the electric bill.
So it is important to reduce electricity consumption to adjust the heating all day, avoid unnecessary expenditures when current is absent during the day, especially not to cut heating, adjust the power saving mode for electric heating or adjust the thermostat temperature.

In the case of an absence of more than 24 hours, use the long term which saves money on heating bills.

If you use the central heating to heat the house, then provide an automatic timer that will start again an hour before you return.

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Maintain electrical equipment to ensure efficiency and avoid waste of power, which allows reduce the electricity bill. Carry out regular maintenance of electrical appliances at least once a year, which saves wasted power, and thus pay less money on electricity every month to regular monitoring by a professional, the entire installation and vents that must be identified and properly cleaned of dust.

Start to track down the water leaks causing unnecessary consumption and increases the cost of the electric bill.
To detect leaks, look at the electricity meter every few hours and check if nobody uses water.

Eliminate drip showers or taps, if it happens, sometimes just changing a joint; repair the flush if it leaks, all these precautions reduce the flow of water and reduces water heating bill.

Avoid wasting hot water and use the shower rather than bath, this usually accounts for a large share of the consumption of water heating.

Regularly clean the shower and change pipes drilled.
Avoid letting the water too hot, in the kitchen and wash salad vegetables in a pot rather than in the sink, as water the plants in the house with the wastewater, using water recovery gutter to wash your car.

You can save money and reduce consumption each month on the water bill and electricity this way.
Good ventilation of the house and a solar economy helps a lot in reducing the electric bill.
Do not forget to close the doors, shutters or curtains, so this may seem obvious, but the Institute of Energy Research, believes that the potential savings associated with heating this practice can help to pay less money as power consumption.

Use solar energy lighting products to save money and pay less electricity bill.

Many save money services using economic power, to recommend to make the most of the sun's energy in the morning when it's light, and even Winter opening curtains and blinds when it's not too cold.

This method allows you to use the phenomenon of the greenhouse to heat the house because the sunlight through the windows, warming the interior but the heat that comes harder spring, the house remains heated and saves money heating.

Use home a programmable room thermostat in advance reduces the cost of the electric bill.
Destiny to both modern homes and electric heating systems, install a programmable room thermostat lets you control and lower temperatures of the house, especially during periods of vacancy of the house.
A new thermostat atmosphere programmable in advance, replacing the old thermostat and in the case of a program of electric heating, this new model thermostat is quite convenient to save energy, because it is compatible with thermostatic valves that will help reduce the consumption of heat and electricity, and can achieve significant cuts in monthly bills and save significant amounts of money year round.
There are many ways to pay less electricity bill consumption for heating, in order to pay less electricity.

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