The passion for the "local products".

The concept of "Local products" is back in fashion in the gourmet dining, land attracts people to their roots, local food contrasts with the urban cities, the memories of the farm, artisan producers and farmers are much dreaming people.
Now you can easily find local products at affordable prices and excellent quality.
There are also chains of restaurants that offer their customers local delicacies, the term "local" joins meadows Food Bio.

What is exactly a local product ?
The definition of "local product" is a statement of origin, which generally means a wider province, country or territory, the local product is faithful to respect healthy culinary traditions.

   Painless ways to get slim and lose belly fat, eating natural bio organic food.

Local produce and Appellation of Origin or PDO.

The AOC guarantee product quality is a concept that has spread over many years in various quality products mainly from the campaigns and other food commodities of great qualities.
As local products can be mentioned as dairy products, honey, poultry, potatoes, wine or other products for good health and the environment.
A local product possesses a certificate of origin and a label that tells consumers aware that the product offered has a certified quality.
If some consumers mistrust vis-à-vis food products are to doubt the nature of the product, then it is important to take steps to resolve the doubt in order to give the product its brilliance and its rightful place on the market.

Spices and aromatic herbs in our kitchen.

The fragrant spices derived from plants used in cooking, food preparation and various dishes.
The products are aromatic taste and flavor of foods, their flavors ennoble our dishes.
It is a world of full of aroma and flavor, reminiscent came from distant lands or countries, the spices and herbs that arise in our kitchens, because that leads to exotic places.

The scents and flavors in our kitchen.
Since ancient times, herbs, spices, condiments and other spices were sought as much for the pleasure of taste, flavor, and for their fragrance and color.
The condiments, spices, sauces and herbs are intended to make every meal a pleasure and happiness in our lives, find good spices condiments and herbs in your diet

Use the petals of roses in our kitchen, we discover a magical world of flavors.

Use flowers in our gastronomy is an art that must be mastered. How to learn the art of cooking with flowers, learn organic cooking, what are recipes for organic rose petals?. The bio organic food makes a healthy diet, organic food is natural, it's beneficial to health.

How to keep his lines with bio organic food.

Keep weight control and enjoy good food without depriving themselves of flavors and fragrances offered by traditional dishes.
What to do to keep a perfect line with bio organic food and good health. How to keep a shape by eating healthy organic.

List of appropriate ways for cooking with organic roses.

The quality suitable for cooking, organic food consumption should not be bought non-food to a specialized florist, because they are sold for decoration, they contain a lot of chemical treatments for their conservation. On the Web, there are numerous sites specializing in the sale of own organic products for consumption.

Books to learn the way to be a good cook.

You can buy books for cooking with other organic food and flowers like roses ready to cook and find recipes for organic food in shops specializing in organic food. Follow instructions for organic food, to purify your body and protect it from diseases.

How to cook organic?

The flowers can be eaten cooked or raw in salads. Some flowers can be cooked like asparagus, others eat fritters with honey.

Wine recipes for cooking.

There are even recipes for preparing light white wine. Can I cook the flowers of the rose in particular? They are edible as long as they are like any other vegetable, they can be used to prepare organic foods.
# Some ideas for quick preparation kitchen.
# There is no doubt that cooking in a healthy way is directly dependent on the environment.
Each day, consume products from the ground and goes to our tables, the qualities of that food determines the level of our health.
Cooking with healthy products demands is still growing to protect us from intensive chemical agriculture, to preserve people from genetically modified crops, we have to consume natural products, cooking with healthy products to give this solution.
It's is an ancient practice, you will find a recipe old ideas to a good diet.

The best spices, fine herbs and aromatics in the kitchen.

Today we continue to give them an essential role in fine cuisine, as in the traditional one.
In this article we will talk about the raw materials, describe their characteristics, tell about their taste, and their use, but not just in the kitchen also the fragrant.

Curry in our food.

Curry is an Indian spicy mixture, prepared with special spices that is not lacking in any table in India.
In other countries many other spices can be used to prepare a curry meal, so its appearance and flavor varies a lot depending on the composition (mustard, garlic, cinnamon, pepper, saffron, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, cumin, celery, ginger, etc)
# Garlic is an aromatic plant which is used bulb, garlic is formed and the smell of cloves is piquante.L garlic is a real treat for some, for food use, using the garlic cloves prepare many dishes and delicacies. Including the preparation of meats, salads, vegetables, soups.
# Garlic has many therapeutic virtues, it lowers blood pressure and dilates the small blood vessels, as garlic is used as a preventative of cardiovascular disease, the beneficial effect of garlic is that it avoids clots in the blood, eating garlic would also have a beneficial effect in reducing the cholesterol in blood. Garlic is also diabetic and antiseptic.

Kitchen and organic food with flower of roses.

Eating organic is a principle of life.

The pink roses. These are the rose petals that serve the organic food and prepare our dishes healthier.

Our love for the rose can be found at our table and biological health, this article does not attempt to provide all possible uses of rose petals in our meals.

The recipes without GMOs and pesticides are healthy.

Our health is rooted in our diet, we must monitor our diet. But eating is a pleasure to be assimilated, which is constantly renewed every day.

Food safety is important throughout a country or person, ask for "certified local products".

If there is a problem of identity of certified products offered on the market, the solution lies in greater transparency both in terms of labeling that the connotation of labels. The return to the past, a return to old traditions with local products. Find fun at our table as before is a legitimate desire.
However, nothing ensures that the products of our grandmothers were healthier than those of today.
The best recipes of the past were often not so good or really tasty, for most people. Many stories and ancient tales evoke frequent food adulteration.

Traditionally good products and good food were reserved for the wealthy and social elite, the common people are generally satisfied moinde product quality.
Food products bearing an indication of origin, are produced by traditional methods which are specific to a region or private certified local product.
A local product can also be improved by new techniques and that at all stages of production.
The taste and nutrients of a product are constantly challenged by the development of science.

The improvement of traditional methods bring added value to a local products, and some research scientists make improvements to the quality of materials used in food preparation.
Food scientists are striving to improve traditional methods of manufacture, for example, we may also prohibit the use of chemicals that can harm health.

The production of "local products" must still meet the rules of sanitation and hygiene, as for all other products on the market.
It is important to note that the demand for food quality will affect the cost of manufacture.
Local products are by thousands, found throughout regional specialties, French cuisine is very rich in products rich in original flavors.
Getting to know or go in search of local products is an unforgettable experience, where to go and where to buy these products ?
Going gourmet tour, visiting farms and the countryside is the simplest way, we thus find a selection of restaurants or agritourism farms across all regions that offer tasting and best use of regional products.

The organic solution of locally grown foods, does it give the correct answers.

Making a search to healthy eating is a great step towards a healthier life. Starting from eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains meals, choosing good fats; also there is the matter of food safety and sustainability a long time.
The solution provides organic farming and locally grown produce in its truth, the solution of locally grown foods, is a modern science, which has a vast expansion throughout the world.

Crystallized rose petals, fresh natural.

You can use them as an accompaniment to meals or as decorations on a plate. There is a wide variety of products based on this ingredient. Many use this method, which can be found free on the web, cooking with roses is healthy. Here are some good ideas for preparing cooking products with roses: Ice cream with rose petals, sugar and jam at the pink cake flavored with rose, rose water, rose liqueur, rose wine from aperitif, beer rose syrup, flowers pink, tea rose perfume, rose spikes used to prepare herbal teas etc.

Most famous dishes with spices and herbs.

# Indian cuisine is very famous, it takes its base using vegetables and spices; it's considered as natural food and natural medicine.
# This Indian cuisine uses a lot of chili and hot pepper, also coriander, turmeric ginger and cumin are quite abundantly.
In Indian there are famous spice mixtures, like the best known Garam masala and Tandori Masala, prepared with a combination of fenugreek, garlic, coriander and cumin.

Chinese traditional dishes.

Chinese cuisine with spices are used in most of their meals. But Chinese employs them in a very little quantity, in general, Chinese preparations are not as hot or strong as the Indians. China considers rice as a daily food and supplemented with meat, fish, pork, chicken and vegetables dressed with sauces or spices.

The main chinese spices used in their food are ginger, spring onions and Sichuan.

It tastes like very spic and it is used especially for meat and fish.
Chinese cuisine uses also other spices like (ginger, spring onions and Sichuan pepper ) sauces and combinations. These five-spice powder,(cinnamon, star anise, ginger, anise and cloves) known for mixing many flavors at once. It is used with beef, chicken and fish stew.

Mediterranean cuisine is international:

It makes also unusual use of different kinds of spices, like their aromatic plants leaves for seasoning food.
(Parsley, thyme, oregano, rosemary, bay leaf, savory,) This kind of cuisine prefers that foods retain the original look, taste and aroma. Garlic is widely used.

Oriental cuisine combines both of mediterranean and Indian cuisine. Within oriental cuisine dishes involved spices like pepper, saffron, cinnamon or laurel.

The best known spices, condiments, fine herbs in the world.

The condiments, spices, peppers and sauces whet our appetite, stimulate us and we warm up, they emit a pleasant flavors and ease digestion.

The peppers, condiments, spices and sauces are used in cooking to season and meet our dishes to add color, fragrance. There are also herbs that are also a natural supplement to the art of the table. The culinary knowledge-based condiments, spices, herbs and chillies, dates back to ancient times.
The virtues of culinary herbs, spices, condiments and spices.
For an easy recipes using spices, we must learn to know and use. To find good cook dishes of condiments and spices must learn to choose the ingredients.
Prepare recipes using herbs, spices, sauces, condiments and spices used to prepare the tastiest dishes and authentic dishes.

What are spices, know about their provenance.

The spices are very diverse, they come from plants and used to season dishes. The spices give a pungent or hot food. When preparing meals using spices in various forms, dried, powder, paste, etc.

Spices are aromatic substances widely used in food and in the preparations of all sorts of dishes.

Cinnamon is a spice which is widely used in pastries. It prepares cakes, sauces, pies, flavored with cinnamon. Cinnamon is in the form of sticks or powder. Cinnamon to a particular taste and unique flavor. There are also drinks with cinnamon. The price of a bag of cinnamon can vary depending on the brand and origin of products.

Cardamom is a spice of Indian cuisine. Is prepared with cardamom both savory dishes or sweet. Cardamom is widely used in Asian cuisine. The culinary uses of cardamom are diverse, many recipes using cardamom are free on web sites specializing in Asian cuisine.

Clove is a strong flavor and spice to hot, why the name "clove" simply because it looks like a nail. In pastry, clove is found in Gingerbread. In the kitchen, cloves used in the preparation of meat and game. As recipe gand mother cloves used to soothe toothaches.

Turmeric is a spice widely used in Asian cuisines, and exotic Indian, because turmeric is the basic ingredient for the preparation of curry sauce. Basically turmeric possesses a bitter taste, but its virtues are many in the preparation of good food. Turmeric is also known as "Indian saffron". Turmeric gives a nice orange color to food. Turmeric is on the market for spices and condiments, you can buy turmeric, fresh, dried or powdered.

Ginger Spice is the best known and most widely used in Asian cuisine and Chinese, Asian and Chinese cuisine The extensive use ginger for making sauces, cooking meat, fish and seafood, many preparations rice and tofu are made with ginger, ginger flavored soups also. In Japan, the Japanese cuisine makes use of ginger as a basic ingredient, pickled ginger always accompanies sushi and sashimi.

Asian cuisine makes extensive use of ginger, we even prepared sweets. In Western cooking, baking is used in ground ginger to flavor cakes, compotes, gingerbread and biscuits. In the drinks of ginger essential oil in the manufacture of soft drinks, such as ginger ale, it also prepares ginger beer-based.

What means eating healthily, is that means eating with fewer pesticides?

Must we count the number of calories that our body absorbs every day to be a fan of the vogue of bio food recipes ?.
Should we count the number of slices of butter that you swallow to rhyme, to join the elected bio food fans?
Follow cuisine slimming, adopt a method of healthy eating, dieting, are obviously part of the solution.
It should be noted that there is a big difference between dieting and organic diet. Before dieting should consult a doctor or a dietitian who will prescribe recipes for weight loss.
Lose weight fast, lose weight fast should be following the advice of your doctor; ask your doctor about the risks of GMOs and pesticides. A safe food system may be prescribed by your doctor, if he deems it necessary to recommend safe sources of foods.

Ideas and recipes for healthy cooking with rose petals.

An easy recipe organic for the preparation of the syrup. Pour into a saucepan half a liter of fresh and pure water and add 500 grams of petals. Boil. Once it boils reduce the heat and let steep, covered, slowly for one hour. Then filter and return to pot by adding 400 g of sugar. Boil is stopped when the sugar is dissolved (5-10 minutes is sufficient not to lose the subtle flavors)

# Finally let cool then put in a storage bottle. Rose syrup can be drunk chilled with ice or mixed with water vapor. Warning: when the popular consumption of flowers in particular, it is very important to ensure that the flowers are fully edible and used even if they come from our garden.

Some of the most popular food condiment :

Ketchup - Mayonnaise and Mustard.

Discover the most used condiments, spices, herbs, spices, sauces, peppers. Discover the most used condiments, spices, herbs, spices, sauces, peppers. Discover the wealth of aromatic plants around the world.

The simplest dishes are enriched in taste, flavor and color with herbs, spices, condiments, spices and herbs.

Condiments and spices give taste and flavor to our food, they add flavors and makes food more tasty, add herbs and spices in our kitchen, so we did discover the wonderful world of gastronomy.

Discover the fragrances and flavors of the world through the spices and seasonings, discover the most popular food condiment.

Ketchup : History and origin of Ketchup.

Ketchup is one of the most popular food condiment used around the world, it entered the American cuisine culture at the beginning of the 19Th Century, in 1801 the Sugar House Book mentioned Ketchup for the first time, as a new food condiment.

How to use Ketchup :

Some people have a habit of putting the Ketchup stuff on everything, but Ketchup is most commonly put on top of hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, barbecue foods, french fries etc.
So Ketchup become one of most popular ready to use food condiment used by people, specially children's and older people.

Ketchup recipe :

A simple Ketchup recipe say's that it's made of tomatoes, corn syrup, vinegar, and of course some salt, spic, and garlic to enhance the taste.
Canadians and North americans used to add Ketchup on chips.
In Brazil they put Ketchup on Pizza, and all around the world people love to add Ketchup as a nice food condiment. There are numerous brands of Ketchup on the market today.
Ketchup is a popular ready to use condiment, used to enhance the taste of barbecue food, we can found it sweet and salty,

The Mayonnaise, (Mayo) preparation :

History and origin of Mayonnaise (Mayo.
The origins of mayonnaise sauce or dressing have always been discussed, some sources say's it was created in France by a Frenchman, during the reign of Louis XIV, in 1756 by a French chef, he was a cousin of Cardinal de Richelieu.
Mayonnaise was created to celebrate the French victory, when the Duc de Richelieu defeated the British navy at Port Mahon. so the "Mahonnaise" was created, in honor of the Duc's victory, and it become the Mayonnaise, mayo as we know it today, one of the most popular food condiment.

How to use Mayonnaise, (Mayo) :

Mayonnaise is used as a condiment, put it on sandwiches or as a salad dressings, in egg salad, as a base for different sauces or as a add on top of burgers & hot dogs, some consumers like to add mayo to sea food stuff, fish, shrimps, prawns, calmar, or simply add mayonnaise, (mayo) to french fries, as a ready to use food condiment.
Mayonnaise, mayo may also serve for different uses, as for individual dips to give nice different tastes.

What is exactly Mayonnaise or mayo :

Mayonnaise is a kind of sauce, it's an emulsion, Mayonnaise appear as a smooth and creamy mixture, very tasty and delicious it become a very popular ready to use food condiment.
So Mayonnaise an emulsion, in fact a mixture of two liquids that cannot normally be combined normally such as oil and water. Emulsifying operation of the mayo is prepared by slowly adding one ingredient (oil) to the other (water) and mixing rapidly at the same time. To stabilize the mixture we add egg yolk as an emulsifier in the mayonnaise, egg yolks contain a fat emulsifier named lecithin.

Mayonnaise recipe :

how to prepare Mayonnaise ?, a simple recipe say's it's made from an emulsion of oil and egg yolk as emulsifier., lemon acid, and spice. Home made mayonnaise, mayo recipe : 1 or 2 fresh egg, 2 cup of pure virgin olive oil, a good quality of squirt vinegar, also some lemon juice, and of course salt, pepper, garlic.
Fast preparation of the mayonnaise at home.
It's important to use the egg at room temperature, to allow the mixture to emulsify.
First step to prepare mayonnaise at home. mix half a cup of olive oil and the vinegar with a little amount of lemon juice.
Second step : Add the salt, pepper, turn on the mixer machine, and wait until the mayo sauce begins to thicken, add another half cup of olive oil until it gets so thick that the mixer appear labouring. Taste the mayo to verify the preparation, and add salt, sugar, or vinegar to adjust, until you get the best taste of mayo.
Mayonnaise or mayo become one of the most popular food condiment because it can be adjusted to personal taste, different combinations of Mayonnaise taste can be tried, you can prepare curry flavoured mayo, to use as a delicious crunchy vegetable stick dip. Garlic mayo serve with sea food specially for dip prawns, shrimps, sweet and sour flavour of mayo can also be prepared.
Other different sorts of ready-made mayonnaise can be found on the market today.
The leading companies which produce original mayonnaise, low fat mayonnaise, reduced fat mayonnaise, as well as fat free mayonnaise.
Usually we find Mayonnaise or mayo in jar, we can buy it from the grocery store in the ready to use food condiment section.
Canadians and north americans like to use Mayonnaise as a staff picnic for preparing delicious sandwiches and egg salad dressings.
Mayonnaise must always be prepared fresh because some people risk getting very sick if they are in the vicinity of it. It's advisable to verify the production date when we buy Mayonnaise in jar from the grocery.

The mustard's are among the most used condiments in Western cuisine, There are different kinds and varieties of mustard's. Brown or black mustard that has a tangy taste.
The mustard is widely used in France. The mustard taste is sweeter or sour, English and German mustard is less spicy than French mustard. The white mustard is used to prepare American mustard's.
Mustard is one of the most common popular food condiment in the world, consumers can find different versions of mustard almost anywhere in the world, and in most cuisines chef's preparation of plates contains mustard.

History and origin of Mustard.
The Romans invented the mustard mixture by mixing grape juice with ground mustard seeds to create the famous condiment. The Romans culture brought their invention across Europe, and mustard spread across time.
But the first case of mustard in officially recorded is in Dijon, France, of course the French are everywhere when we talk about fine cuisine and fine food preparation, Dijon is now considered the capital of the world for french mustard.
There are numerous brands of mustard on the market today, we can found also the typical and very famous American Mustard, with its bright yellow color.
How to use Mustard :
Mustard can be add to steak, burgers & hot dogs, and other barbecue foods preparations.
Mustard can be used as a glaze to prepare ham, mustard can also be combined for vinaigrette and marinades, or simply dipped with a variety of vegetables.
Mustard has a particular fiery and twangy delicious taste. Mustard can be combined with ketchup or mayonnaise. The trio are considered by many people as the most the most famous and popular food condiment in the world.

Other Fine herbs & spices - chili sauces.
The nutmeg, nuts.
Nutmeg is a spice, color may be red, yellow, beige, brown or orange. Nutmeg comes on the market is full or powder. The use of nutmeg is the preparation of various dishes of eggs, cheese, potatoes, dessert and some sauces. Nutmeg is also found in the preparation of the curia.

Pepper and chili.
The pepper is a spice which has a very pungent flavor and sometimes burning there on the market a great variety of peppers, red peppers, green peppers etc. For the consumer, in the kitchen, the spice can be found dried or pickled, there are also preparations chili paste form is used to incorporate other foods.

Black pepper.
Pepper is the most popular spice in the world, there are different varieties of pepper and various colors, green, black, red, gray, white. The pepper in all its forms and colors, gives food a pungent and strong. There are pepper as grains, dried or powdered.

Saffron is one of the most popular and expensive food condiment in the world.
Saffron is a spice, it's the queen of spices because it's the most expensive of all. 1kg of saffron cost between 8,000 and 28,000 dollars on the world market for spices. However, we find it affordable to the consumer, because a very small amount of saffron is enough to cook a dish.
On the market, the rudder is in the form of filaments or powder, it is advisable to buy saffron, powdered saffron is often falsified.
Various popular cuisine around the world that use saffron as a food condiment.

Saffron gives a wonderful taste to food. In Western cuisine there are many recipes for saffron
French cooking uses saffron to prepare bouillabaisse, Italy is prepared with saffron risotto, a delicious couscous in Morocco's being cooked with saffron, saffron paella stains very well and gives it its unique taste.

Many pastries are also gearing up with saffron.
Generally saffron seasoning and coloring of many international culinary specialties.
The high cost of saffron is justified by the cost of labor required to harvest 200,000 stigmas must be to produce a kilo of saffron. That's why saffron in considered to be the most expensive and popular food condiment around the world.

Who can give advice on dieting slimming with natural organic food?

How to get lean, how to stay slim with organically raised animals?
Who can provide easy recipes slimming regimes organic?
Is Organic food particularly slimming ? Any one can easily find recipes to lose weight and stay slim. But if you have a serious weight problem.
Then consult a specialist who will give you personalized advice to diet and lose your excess weight, eat healthy food, a bio alimentation, eat food without fat, good food is the key to your health. organic food is a step to staying healthy.
Monitor still have a healthy food and make eating healthy organic food.

Organic food with GMO-free are available on the market.

On the web there are many websites that offer lists of bio organic food, these professionals bring their expertise to help us improve our health.

Tips for cooking with roses.

Make sure first that the flowers are exempt of pesticides or other chemicals, he must think only then remove the pistils and stamens, which have a bitter taste. It is a goo idea to use the flowers in a short period of 24 hours after harvest. Cooking with roses: the role of organic food in our lives. Eating organic, living with organic flowers.
The roses are used in cooking for thousands of years, while the preparation of flowers meals has been practiced since old times, cooking with flowers are used nowadays to eat a healthy and organic food. Also called organic cuisine. Eating is one of the pleasures of life, organic food has many virtues for our health.

Best recipes and healthy food diets from organic farming.

Secrets and tips for a perfect cooking.

Discover the secrets of cooking and learn why bio organic, so natural and flourishing. First step for cooking: the choice of organic flowers to our cuisine. Which ones should I use? A great many varieties are edible, but not all are good to be eating, some are even very toxic, as some fungi. What is important in our choice, it is their qualities of biological standpoint, it must consume untreated groups with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Coriander in our bio kitchen.

The coriander is mainly used as flavoring, we use some parts of the plant cilantro, leaves and fruit. Coriander is also used for storing meat. because the antiseptic action coriander. We extract of coriander essential oil which has the virtues digestion, energizes and antispasmodics. In gastronomy and cooking coriander in any preparation in many dishes, meat and game, pickles and salads, soups and broths, certain preparations of rice, pickles are also simmering différenntes with coriander.

Cumin in the bio kitchen.

Cumin (has an action identical to that of coriander.) We use the fruit of cumin which reduced pood used to flavor foods. cumin has the virtues stimulating digestion. Cumin possesses a special flavor, good for flavoring certain dishes, especially beans.

Basil in the bio kitchen.

Basil is a plant that uses fresh basil leaves are used as a condiment in salads, the preparation of meats, cheeses and soups. We extracted an essential oil of basil, useful digestive stimulant and antiviral, basil is also used as an antispasmodic. The basil plant is a houseplant decorative and fragrant.
Basil is now used around the world.
Basil is a wonderful spice, a condiment that is a credit to all cuisines.
The plant of basil is exceptionally tasty, especially used to garnish a salad or a pasta dish and maybe a pizza with basil.

Fennel in the bio kitchen.

Fennel produces seeds used for their flavors and leaves are used in salads, fennel stalks are cut into small pieces and dried. All parts of fennel are useful. Fennel has a sweet pleasant flavor. It also prepares soup with fennel stalks, the seed is used for the distillation of essential oil of fennel.

Laurel in the bio kitchen.

The laurel is a shrub with long green leaves. The leaf used in cooking to prepare a bouquet garni.
The bouquet garni accompanies all kinds of meat with sauce. The bouquet garni can also add chicken broths. The bay leaf flavor all kinds of food.

Marjoram and oregano in the bio kitchen.

Marjoram bears rounded leaves light green leaves of marjoram are delicious in a salad.
Oregano is used in dry Italian gastronomy, If you want to enjoy a good pizza sprinkle over the oregano.

Tarragon in the bio kitchen.

Tarragon is an ingredient of mustard.
# Importance of spices and herbs in the bio kitchen
# Learn how to combine spices to prepare a disk?

All aromatic spices or herbs constitute a basic resource for the preparation of dishes because they give more flavorful and healthful dishes.
To be able to increase the flavor and fragrance of our daily meals, it is important to learn the main famous spices, and learn to combine them well. From a culinary point of view the traditional cuisine distinguishes different types of spices or aromatic herbs as follows:

Basic organic spices:

We used with all type of vegetables (mushrooms, potatoes and all other vegetables) and soups, preparation of many sauces, also for fillings and rice preparations. The basic spices include: garlic powder, onion, peppers powder (black pepper & white pepper), coriander, nut, nutmeg, thyme and basil.
# The mild and/or sweet spices:
We used them to give more flavor and taste to the sweet preparations like, cakes, cookies, jam preparation, puddings and fruit salads etc.)
Among this group we get: cinnamon, cardamom, anise, cloves, fennel and vanilla.
# Hot or strong spices category:
Used specially to season meats, red meat and white meat.

Advice for cooking rose petals.

Make sure first that the flowers are free of pesticide or chemical, he must think only then remove the pistils and stamens, which have a bitter taste. It is advisable to use the flowers in a maximum period of 24 hours after harvest.

Learn the role of healthy food in our lives.

Eating dietetics, living with organic flowers.

The roses are used in cooking for thousands of years, cooking of flowers has been practiced since ancient times, cooking with petals are used nowadays to eat a healthy diet and bio. Also called organic cuisine.
Eating is one of the pleasures of life, natural food has many virtues for our health.

Secrets and tips for a perfect healthy cuisine.

Discover the secrets of Thai cuisine and learn why bio organic food, so natural and flourishing. First step for Thai cuisine: the choice of natural ingredients to our cuisine.
What ingredients should I use? a very large varieties of ingredients are edible, but not all ingredients are certain flowers are even very toxic, as some fungi. What is important in our choice of ingredients it is their qualities of biological standpoint, it must consume flowers not treated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Other helpful tips for a healthy diet.

Before launching can be studied. How to buy and where to find edible quality selections? Edible ones can be simply purchased in shops specializing in the sale of organic products. It should however be careful that it is specified on the packaging they are suitable for perfect use.

Do you mainly engage in drastic weight loss plans or deprive you of food in ways that fantasy. You would unnecessarily difficult without actually losing weight.
The organic food is an ecological solution.
Follow a weight loss program and find tips to keep its line specialists to healthy nutrition.

Before thinking about undergoing weight loss program to lose weight, it is advisable to consult a specialist in nutrition.

Take advice from a dietitian for a weight loss program is best to think before doing without food, a weight loss can harm the person if it is followed without medical supervision.

Other useful tips for Thai cuisine.

Before embarking on the kitchen flower bio. How to buy and where to find edible plants? Edible comestible flowers can be simply purchased in shops specializing in sales of natural products.
It should however be careful that it is specified on the packaging they are suitable for use in recipes using the roses.

List of suitable ways for recipes using organic roses.

Several comestible flowers and roses suitable for cooking, natural consumption should not be bought at a florist specializing in non-food, because they are sold only for decoration, they undergo chemical treatments for their conservation.
On the Web, there are numerous sites specializing in the sale of natural products fit for consumption.

Books to learn the way for cooking rose petals .

You can buy books for several comestible flower cuisine and other safe food and some comestible flower like roses ready to cook and find recipes for safe food in shops specializing in safe food.
Follow instructions for dietetics food, to purify your bodies and protect it from diseases.

Cook with roses and others dietetics ingredients.

The final product can be eaten cooked or raw in salads.
Some flowers can be cooked like asparagus, others eat fritters with honey.

Wine recipes for Thai cuisine.

There are even recipes for preparing light white wine from roses.
Can I cook the rose in particular?
The rose are edible as long as they are like any other vegetable, they can use in the preparation of dietetics food.

Some ideas for cooking preparation with roses.

There is no doubt that cooking in a healthy way is directly dependent on the environment. Every day people consume products that came from the soil and goes to our tables, the qualities of that food determines the level of our health.
Some recipes using healthy products demands is still growing to protect us from intensive chemical agriculture, to preserve people from genetically modified crops, we have to consume natural products, flowers cuisine give that solution. Cooking with roses is an old practice, find here some old ideas recipe to cook with rose petals.

You can lose weight in a smart way without missing too much food.

The solution in organic farming is a practice in vogue, which has found many followers in the world. Stay healthy by eating from locally grown foods.