Read about the amazing history of flowers.

Flowers throughout the ages, history of famous people with them.

Presence of flowers is dating back to the prehistoric period of the earth, scientists have discovered them through fossils. scientists have found traces of associating them with humans living during the paleolithic age of the earth.

Scientists have found skeletons of a family buried together in soil containing all sorts of plants in ancient cave's. Their presence in ancient cave's indicate their important role in human lives. scientists make analysis of sediment pollen and was found concentrated in batches, scientists implied that a possible amount had been placed on the place. A closer study of pollen enabled      scientists to identify a variety that had therapeutic properties. The use of perfume also testify abundant use of flowers during that time, for that reason we like them..

Ancient people have used a lot of decorations to express themselves, to eat perfumed food, to cure themselves, and also to commemorate important event's. A lot are also used to express many sorts of arts.

Historian's found during the 17Th, 18Th and 19Th centuries intensive use of them in music, paintings, ceramics, sculpture etc. Scientists have found that exist over 300,000 kinds of species over the world, for that reason people use them..

                      The legend of famous flowers throughout the ages.

Stories of famous people with them. All along times, some stories begins long before humans appeared on earth. Their perfume have a magic touch they announce spring and summer, they attract birds and honeybees, they also have been used in religion and medicine to cure people, and specially for food to prepare all sorts of plates, and have occupied a large part of ancient cultural rituals, brides loved to use them during weddings. Actually they are found in grave sites like that of Egypt mummy tomb.

Flowers are part of our past, discover the past through them, in mythology, in the Middle Ages and in modern times. They have accompanied by stories of love, war stories, they are a part of our daily lives

History of unique flowers, from its origins until today.

Throughout history, that have accompanied important events, whether happy or unhappy. They reflect human evolution, ancient or modern, and have accompanied mankind throughout its civilisation. Love, passion, hatred, war, revenge, nothing escapes, they are everywhere. Many historical figures have such a passion for certain, their names it is still associated today.

Symbolism throughout ages of rare kinds.

Throughout ages they always have been used in religion, for cultural and national purpose, flowers of lotuses was found in top columns of ancient Egyptian temples. Lotus flowers had a religiously significant to many ancient people. In old Britain Viking's used some kind of rose as an emblem.

The story of several species from antiquity to present.

Greek Mythology  - The Middle Ages and modern times.

Lily: ornament and emblem of kings of France.
Ancient Greeks have reported numerous stories about them, they attributed their creation and beauty to the intervention of a deity, Greek mythology attributes the lily whiteness of the goddess Hera, whose divine milk have spread on earth.

During middle Ages in France. lily is strongly linked to the romantic period of France, it was brought back by the Crusaders and became a royal emblem until the Revolution French Revolution in 1789.


Greek mythology tells of Narcissus was a handsome young boy, who rejected the love of a beautiful nymph, nymph in revenge, calls Nemesis, goddess of vengeance to punish Narcissus by making love himself.
Narcissus, one day while he looked into and becoming a source of love itself, Narcissus tried to capture his image to kiss, Narcissus fell in the water and died. At this point gods made Grow beautiful yellow flowers that bear his name today.


In Greek mythology, Tulip was the daughter of God Marine Proteus, she was courted by Vertumnus, the god of autumn and gardening, but without success. Vertumnus turned into a hunter to trap. Tulip in the woods. But Diana, goddess of hunting, saved by turning it into a flower. Tulip bears his name, it can be planted in autumn and blooms in spring.

Alexandre Dumas wrote in 1850, his famous novel "The Black Tulip," The Black Tulip, tells a story that takes place in Holland, tells the passionate story of a certain Cornelius van Baeerle for tulips and its attempts to create a black tulip. It was not until modern times in 1986 for the black tulip, black tulip first in history.


Violet should be associated with Napoleon Bonaparte. The history of the purple stemmed from his meeting with Josephine de Beauharnais, who handed him a bouquet of violets, a great love story followed them. Later, during his exile to Elba, the Bonapartist is recognized by the password: "Do you like purple?".

Modern history continues to be written in modern day's time. All over the world it's used to offer them as a gift, man give a bouquet to women and woman can give one to a man. Today it no longer taboo about giving them as gifts.

History of recent names in modern days time.

Poppy Flower of Remembrance Why we chose the poppy as a symbol of remembrance of those who died in the war? "Poppy became an international symbol to the memory of those who died during the wars. The story of the poppy is international. Commemoration of Remembrance Day held annually on November 11.