Why Feng Shui 101 is considered the ideal well-being chance to promote and attract money.

  A Feng Shui 101 consultation with a specialist, offers the perfect way to transform and improve their living space or work, a consultation is a unique and personalized in-depth app study in order to achieve individual goals: a fulfilling professional life, social success and fame, fortune and help raise money.

For a company the Feng Shui 101 study the way to boost business and improve financial resources.

Feng Shui 101 app consultant, will give you many recommendations and tips for creating an enabling environment for achieving your goals in life, everything happens in accordance with the existing décor of the place, and your personal tastes and desires.

The Feng Shui 101 app consultation will introduce you to the influence of colors, decorating the walls, choosing furniture, and will address the influence of your work on your health, family, love, and also assistance for research a job or a better job, to live a fulfilling professional life and so on.

Feng Shui 101 vs traditional science for better well-being life.

 Science based on harmony and balance the five elements of Chinese well-being tradition, Feng Shui, Chinese art is also the healthy development of premises, it helps to maintain harmony between man and the environment.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art and promotes a feeling of well-being and positively influence the destiny of the inhabitants of a place. 

Feng Shui 101 is often defined by some as the medicine of the living space.

In the home Feng Shui 101 is the art of harmonizing universal energy, this is done by modifying the construction of a dwelling, in this way we change instantly universal currents that flow from room to room.

The flow of positive energy in space it is high and a sense of well-being seems to be born of the premises and connects residents to a new vision of their environment and their intimate influence unconscious.

According to the Feng Shui man is a pivot between heaven and earth, for he receives the one hand, the influence of solar and cosmic waves, and on the other hand, the telluric ground forces.

On the other hand, the man in the old tradition, comes from the mixture and the resultant of two meditation forces.

The energy that comes from heaven is called the yang and energy of the telluric forces land is the yin.

The man meditation is influenced by its environment, it is a blend of yin and yang.

As a result, our balance is strongly linked to the balance of these two forces within us. Also be aware that Feng Shui means wind and water.

Learn and teatch Feng Shui 101 | Home meditation, for a better well-being life and better future.

The latest app teaching of Feng Shui recognizes that local area, as our home and workplace influences us more than the cosmic environment, in this way we become more sensitive to cold air or hot, that 'the celestial energy teaches meditation astrology.

Thus what we perceive through our senses affects us, whether climate, or a beautiful work of art, music, or anything else that we use every day.

But since these objects have a certain influence on our person, we can control them in our turn by choosing for ourselves, and the decorating and arranging our environment, our apartment and our place at work, so to feel at ease.

Feng Shui 101 meditation, is compared to a living space medicine.

The art of Feng Shui applied directly related to spatial planning, architecture and decoration of rooms, it aims to restore positive energy and recreate an environment of harmonious well-being, pro- good health and happiness of each person.

Thus, for small decorative fixtures, you will bring harmony in your home.
It helps us, to restore the flow of positive energy and promotes health in our house, thanks to the arrangement of elements and thoughtful placement of furniture and decoration.

Applying those principles, helps to be aware of this natural relationship between the universe and stimulate our domestic intimate, use it as a source of well-being, can trigger a global profound changes in the lives of occupants of a place.

From love to business success, welfare and health, education and happiness of children, occupation of the abundance, encourage healthy communication of ideas, and development within personality.

Question: what does it mean to open a chakra, give an example of better well-being life.

Answer: To open the root chakra, place both hands in the correct position. Knuckles and thumbs are touching side by side until the fleshy part in palmistry called the Mount of Venus. Mudra and the product in the hands warmth and opens the root chakra. Do not worry if you can not feel the sensation of heat in the beginning, it takes time, experience and sensitivity. Question: For what purpose should we open the chakras.

Answer: Open the Sacral Chakras should contribute to the well-being of every human being. Human instincts should join forces with all the feelings and thoughts. But unfortunately that is not how it happens. Because some of the chakras can not be fully opened or not working properly, some often remain inactive.

  Apply Feng Shui 101 principles in your business or at home.  

Feng Shui 101 arrangement is quite easily done at home, but to work within a company, employees can not always choose the type of furniture or location of their office, nor the style of their décor place of work.

But in the philosophy of Feng Shui all these factors are of importance for the mental health of employees, their ability to work, morale in the office, and productivity over the years.

When your home and workplace is purified and arranged according to Feng Shui, the balance between the celestial energy that comes from heaven, yang and yin earth energy flourishes and produces a positive effect on the occupants places.

Which promotes prosperity, wealth and abundance. The opportunity to transform and improve your living space at home or at work, leading to social success and fame

Bring money and good luck with Feng Shui meditation philosophy.

Encourage work with Feng Shui 101 is to promote good luck and attract money.
Properly applied by the people and businesses, the rules of Feng Shui basis are positive results come quickly because our environment will be healthier and enjoyable. Each change in your living or work, will indeed get quick results and sometimes in unexpected areas.
The occupants and owners will resume all their vitality and are entitled to a fulfilling professional life, improved career assistance finding a job or finding a job, and the creation of a zone of well-being to attract the opportunities and the chance to earn more money.

Feng Shui basis comes to sustainable development and generating wealth and abundance.

The boss asks for a sustainable development in a company, and the person who hopes to boost his career and have a fulfilling professional life, must know how to master the energies that surround it, is the philosophy of Feng Shui basis, it is a new approach to renewable energy from our land, including the internal energies of a person, such as mental and emotional energy of employees and external energies found in the close environment of employees.

Open the Sacral chakras energy is important, if the chakras are not balanced, our inner peace can not be achieved.

The Root Chakra is a wonderful door of the vastness of the world, we can open our chakras, and have energy, spirituality and also meditation knowledge.

Question: what is an eye chakra of better well-being life?

Answer: The chakras can be described like an aura of light that is animated by a movement which rotates, each chakra has a dominant color, and also a vibrational frequency, the chakras are all connected to a specific organ and even more. Chakras harness our energy through the body, towards the central axis of the spine, the top of the skull.

Apply the principles of Feng Shui in our home, is intended to facilitate the flow of positive energy in our environment.

Feng Shui teaches that the condition of creating a home study environment and the art of its internal layout have a major influence on the well-being and health of its inhabitants.

And science of Feng Shui is used to analyze the strengths and weaknesses in the presence of waves in order to positively affect our intimate interior Chakra energy .

Feng Shui Chakras is considered a medical living space.

It is practically important to develop properly within an apartment or a house to facilitate the flow of energy called Chi.

But the traditional rules of Feng Shui are generally too complex to understand it's really Chinese meditation.
This is why some Western companies and even individuals in Europe rely on specialists.

Apply Feng Shui meditation to improve the financial and stimulate business.

Preamble: The flow of energy forces is provided by the renewal or modification of objects in a production cycle or a destructive cycle. Practically this is done by the arrangement of furniture and decorative objects in the appropriate places according to their shape, color, and their material.

In this way an area governed by the element fire, promote the influence of the company and its reputation in order to increase the financial resources, boost business and attract money by meditation.

In this case, it would be wise to place the service marketing and media to enhance the corporate image symbolized by Fire.
The element of wood, which feeds the fire, will strengthen the work of the latter.

But rather whether the water element is present in the scene, he should be as controlled as water extinguishes fire.
But it is the Earth element which is involved in this direction by changing the water muddy and murky, this will be done with furniture in a square and brown, yellow or orange, which come complete the decoration.

With the help of Feng Shui apps, it is possible to improve all areas of a company with the appropriate elements.

Thus the meditation art of Feng Shui can give answers and solutions to many questions:

Where and how to place the offices of employees and those of senior management?
Where to customer service and service to the press?
how to arrange the export department and sales department?
Where to place those resources and research and development?
How to organize the accounting department?
And also how to improve management in the company and strengthen the cohesion of the staff, and even allow those who are looking for a job, find jobs and motivate the spirit of team of the new occupants.

The science answers these questions and provides practical solutions that will help create a zone of prosperity, luck and help attract opportunities and have more money.

The wisdom of Feng Shui provides a solution to those looking for a job, it promotes the start and the improvement of a career.

Applying those principles, to manage the flow of energy in the various places of work, to create a serene atmosphere and give rise to a constantly renewed energy that will stimulate the occupants and allow them full use of their personal energy.

However, each of us can try from some basic knowledge, harmonize his house according to the precepts of this art.

Our home reflects our inner unconscious.
The house is like our second body.
She produced the image of our inner mental state past and present, and that by the arrangement of the decoration.

Our house becomes a reflection of what we think and live, and we plan to continuously form of vibrations and symbols our actions our hopes and disappointments.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, every nuance of color, any kind of object, any artistic expression array, each picture has a way to become a powerful tool, having a direct effect on our lives.

Usually no one is fully aware, but thanks to the principles of Feng Shui, you can personally act permanently on each of the areas of your life.

Question: What to successfully open our root chakras and stimulate our energy using the Tao chakras guide?

Answer: There are several ways to open your heart chakras, which is useful in many cases. Once your chakras are open, energy out, and becomes balanced.

We also know different ways to increase the opening of the chakras by mantras, colors, sounds and vibrations, especially with the help of a therapist who uses essential oils.

Question: how to measure the body chakras meditation energy from app?

Answer: You can also measure the functioning or degree of opening of chakras. But do stay navel gazing thinking the chakras, one must walk in the evolution of consciousness, to open from the inside, live and embody unity consciousness in the 7th chakra.

Feng Shui promotes the feeling of well-being in offices, shops and businesses.

Feng Shui is like a medicine of living space. By studying the impact of the environment on the welfare of people living in the same house, Feng Shui helps to balance the positive energies in the presence and improves your quality of life, because Feng Shui is a way of life.

The basic principles of Feng Shui, can create a place of harmony and regeneration by regulating the flow of energy that emanate from it.

By applying the principles of Feng Shui, in offices and places of work, you can greatly improve the success of a business, and improve employee productivity.

Apply the principles of Feng Shui from latest version widgets Apps, is vital to maintain good health and productivity of a business enterprise.

To promote optimal performance of employees at work, it is important to evaluate the influence of environment on the staff and the workplace.

The questions to be asked are: is that employees directly under the negative energy of stress at work, and what is at work suffering from sick building syndrome?

To overcome these problems it is customary to apply the principles of Feng Shui.

Question: Why is it important to open the chakras and stimulate the well-being energy?

Answer: The first step is to realize that each person is an integral part of everything in the universe, as well as its physical structure and its vibrations are in union with the cosmic forces, you must know that its components are in us even before our birth and after our death live.

In fact, it is a form of change of the human being. When the chakras are opened, the human being becomes fully aware of the different forms of existence, can evolve and align the lower planes that need.

We can describe the chakras as levels of consciousness in each person, in which we live and we fully embody. Question: what does open his chakras?

Answer: The human body is comprised of energy centers of energy: it is our body chakras.

The higher the level of our consciousness is wider, our physical and spiritual experience has blossomed, and we are able to control the harmony of the chakras, monitor their development, and direct the flow of energy. However, we must never forget that the chakras are fed by our actions.

Question: How do our chakras to ameliorate our well-being life?

The chakras form a transition between the energy body and the physical body. The chakras are affected by the mind and cases of stress, anxiety for the future, but also our body: this is the case not healthy food, lack of sports, lack of sleep and rest.

Conclusion about the opening of the body chakras energy, well-being Tao stimulation.

Feng Shui offers the opportunity to transform and improve their living space or work.

The strengths and weaknesses of our lives are produced by the space where we live, because each person is personally involved and deeply in this space.
The knowledge of Feng Shui helps to detect and interpret the forces present in your workplace and life.
He works and makes the necessary arrangements to strengthen the forces positive and minimize the negative forces involved, it aims to recreate a serene harmony well-being of each and to obtain social success and fame.

Have more money, better career opportunities and attract well-being, with Feng Shui.

Social success, success in business, looking for work, good humor, health and well-being, courage and initiative-taking, trust and feel at work, respect and recognition services, all these qualities are the product of Feng Shui if it is properly applied in business and professional careers.

Implementing the principle of sustainable development well-being, within a company is to increase the use of renewable energy and seek to have a good quality environment, for energy management.

The art of Feng Shui is part of a philosophical, spiritual and ecological taking as a source of renewable energy and natural sound, which controls the life cycle.
Finally, many people who have tried will tell you that Feng Shui is a remedy to the stress of work, a solution in search of work and a tool for every company that wants to attract opportunities, promote opportunity and have more money, knowing at last the wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Every person throughout his life, through his pain and fears, is seen to fall back on itself and close the chakras. He isolates himself and cutting his relationship with the various plans of life.

The release comes in opening the chakras that cause blockages, then we come to know the joys deeper in his own life and also in the social environment is able to participate in the construction of human relationships closer and more social true and fair.

When applying the principles of Feng Shui well-being in business, we proceed to a detailed and precise effects of external and internal environment, to determine their influence on the welfare of staff working, and identify are the elements that may negatively influence the potential success of trade or business.

Each application of the principles of Feng Shui is adapted in a manner unique to each workplace and its goals to maximize the production potential and improve workflow.

Feng Shui is the art of living in a garden, it promotes the sense of Tao well-being.

Feng Shui teaches that the earth contains Chi. The word Chi means energy. In ancient times, Chinese philosophers taught that the energy of the earth could be beneficial for some people and bad for others and apply the principles of Feng Shui brings well-being, health and good fortune. In this way the Feng Shui changes in medicine from the living space.

The art of Feng Shui has its origins in the Taoist ideals from which it draws all his knowledge in relation to nature.

Taoist philosophy is linked to religious and philosophical beliefs of Asia where its influence is greatest on people, because the principles of Feng Shui helps to achieve wealth and health by meditation.

Open the chakras from private app, helps to create a well-being in life, to bring him a true sense.

The list of chakras for a better well-being Tao life.

The first chakra is the root chakra. It brings strength to fight and survive, it brings courage and strength to impose brings the safety and well-being. The first chakra located at the base of the spine, the color of the first chakra is red.

The second chakra, the Hara. This is the chakra of sex. Who manages the artistic creativity and sexual, it promotes music, painting, writing, and other artistic activity whatsoever. The color of the second chakra is orange.

The third chakra, the solar plexus. This chakra is the main center of energy, thanks to the third chakra we become strong and healthy, it stimulates adrenaline, and it helps to get things done sometimes hard to do. The color of the third chakra is yellow.

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra. The fifth chakra is the throat chakra. The sixth chakra, the third eye is. Seventh chakra is the chakra of the sky.

However, in recent years, maintenance of gardens by the Feng Shui of interest to Western living under stress in cities.

Feng Shui is a way of meditation life, for better well-being in everything, which deals with gardens, steeped in Chinese philosophy, where the birds, the rustle of the river and the wind affects the lifestyle of everyday life of each person, and transformed into a kind of poetry that brings well-being, and apply the principles of Feng Shui gardens, helps to get wealth and health.

However, as most people are not fortunate enough to have a river or a mountain near his home.
The practice of Feng Shui help's for a better well-being life and applying its principles become necessary to achieve well-being advocated by Chinese philosophy.

It is important to adjust the Feng Shui way of life in the West, since the principle of Chinese well-being philosophy, is to live in harmony with nature and gardens.

For this reason, it is tried to simplify the practice of Feng Shui, so that it is feasible and most easily used by everyone in the garden of each house.
Obviously, to achieve this goal, it becomes necessary to simplify some of the complexities of Feng Shui and keep only the essentials of the application of its principles, without going into detail on large gardens and parks.

Feng Shui is a branch of Chinese meditation medicine, for a better well-being future health.

The knowledge of Feng Shui makes him a living space medicine.
Feng Shui, the science of well-being and also of all the human environment, has its origins in the foundations of ancient Chinese medicine.

Feng Shui observe our environment and in this study, analyzes the strong ties that bind us to our intimate interior.
It is an art which aims to direct the positive energy to promote well-being and also a medicine for any positive living space.

In this way the development of our life and the environment are closely linked. Our environment is the projection of our personality, our unconscious is our intimate interior.

Feng Shui is to act on the environment by controlling the color, the study of the shape of objects, analysis of their position, the design of materials, then apply the principles of Feng Shui is modify the data of our lives, to reach a better future well-being, health and fortune.

You should know that the origins of this positive energy is stored within our intimate, they direct our lives naturally to favorable situations.

In this way our environment activates many components of our lives, some elements are physical, mental, others are emotional or financial.
The person is attached by an infinity of energy links invisible to the eye, they influence our quality of life, our well-being and health.

Feng Shui can help to address mood and behavior, it provides assistance to improve our love life, promotes the financial success of projects and places the business on favorable terms.
From this point of view, Feng Shui is a way of life and a living space of home meditation Medicine, which promotes feelings of well-being, and helps to achieve wealth and health.

Better well-being life app program: financial, career prospect and more money.

Your workplace is the first place you should feel good, be in harmony with yourself, to have a fulfilling professional life and to energize and boost a career. Feng Shui is here to help you attract the opportunities, promote the opportunity to have more money.
Feng Shui helps to reboost an area of ​​our lives, and lead to social success and fame.
If your career is stalled and stagnant or if you are planning to launch a new career plan, so your work and the place where you live, will be the subject of a work done by the Feng Shui meditation art.