Chinese intelligence pills are a mild formula that possesses brain nourishing and mental clearing properties.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the mental is not only responsible for thinking; it is also considered the center of the spirit.

For this reason, if the yin aspect of the brain is down, the person experiences fatigue, and insomnia. This imbalance in the brain is treated with smart herbs that are considered to nourish the brain and by the same way calm the spirit.

Actually, chinese magic herbal pills researchers all over the world are studying substances that may help people to get smarter, and improve mental abilities.

The supposed effects of the new formula of intelligence herbal can be several things. For example, could mean a clear improvement of memory, reasoning, studying, concentration, problem solving, social skills, decision taking and general planning aspect to increase the IQ.

This category of smart herbs is represented in the Chinese medicine by its two chief aspect the yin and the yang.

In China some smart pills, can be found in the market; others are prepared, a few are intended for several disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's problems.

There are many web sites, literature, articles, books and magazines detailing the supposed benefit effects of Chinese smart pills.

There are also a lot of advertisements that try to sell Chinese magic herbal pills to the public, pretending that it will help them to become more intelligent.

However, rarely do these substances report results that show the success or failure of those smart herbs to improve memory or learning.

In fact, they try to show that a new formula have miraculous effects on the brain and can help people to become more intelligent.

Wouldn't it be easy to study something by taking herbal intelligence pills treatments or a smart drug?

In fact yes, this would be much easier than taking a lot of time to study. Take your intelligence in for a mental tune up with a pill.