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The international association for watches polls wanted to lead a particular research worldwide, to understand what are the exclusive watches brands most valued by buyers from around the world.

And, after all, not surprisingly, to be clear, there are many Italian brands on this particular branch. Assuming that the Made in Italy and the related brand attached to it are much sought after abroad.

The watch shopping catalog magazine, find survey was conducted in 30 countries, in November 2015. Respondents were asked to respond to specific questions on consumption and purchase of eco friendly articles related to solar powered watches.

Here are the results of this survey for shopping solar watches safely:

The Italian brand is the most coveted around the world by consumers.

  According to this research, in fact, a consumer out of five, interviewed by the watch magazine, prefers to buy, at the same price, other items. But the Italian label, which in the 1960s has seen a great revival, thanks to a genius solar powered creator, is the brand more popular internationally.

Over the past two decades, the watch creator has managed to maintain and even increase its" watch brand image "in a very competitive way using new ideas. The result was spectacular and has been achieved by integrating the brand's core values consistent with all new products created, ranging from women and men accessories.

China watchs' products: in this part of the world the situation is a bit different. While in all other countries, respondents expressed a preference based on hypothetical criteria. The 44 percent of respondents in the survey, in fact, declared that "don't buy any unknown watch brand even if it were not a matter of price.

But this research by the solar powered watch's shopping magazine is not only interesting to understand what are the global brands that are the most popular of watches amateur.

As evidenced by the response from amateurs, this poll wanted to actually understand how buying eco friendly goods were routed globally around the world.

Research has shown that 35 percent of respondents, representing the portion that admits to buying imported brands. The greatest concentration of watch amateurs, not surprisingly, was recorded outside the country, with a rate of 37%.

On the other hand, these are five very important international shopping places, particularly that related to solar items in general: do not forget that in China, for example, are the boutique of the biggest solar powered brands, and events such as the shop and buy festival and the luxury reinforces this trend aspect.

This is the comment of artists and solar powered creators of jewellery and solar powered watches.

The brand best known worldwide for his model, won the gold medal. As was the case for second price, place, also the fourth place has to be shared with more genius watch creators. So then the Italian and French came to the second position, among the most popular watch official brand worldwide.

The first ranking in the lead, followed by other well known Chinese brand catalog in the world of watches. 

But according to the countries where surveys were conducted among population, the data changes significantly, proving very different tastes and lifestyles of people. 

Remember that some questions that was asked, respondents to establish what brand preference "for the same price" of selling product when shopping solar powered watches.