An archaeologist comprehensive legendary theories study to solve the mystery of the Bermuda triangle, also aliens and flying saucers.

However, the testimony of people who say they have seen aliens and flying saucers are numerous, amazing facts revealed.

This serious study presents new information rich in detail about the phenomenon flying saucers and aliens.
The study reveals that there are important truths to consider, in the study of flying saucers and that must be made known to the public.

This scientific investigation was undertaken to make available to the general public, a complete real and troubling phenomenon of aliens and flying saucers who regularly visit the earth.

  The search for the thrue about the Bermuda triangle, legendary Atlantis is a myth or an enigma?

For Plato, there is no doubt the history of the lost continent which disappeared beneath the ocean in one day and one night is totally true and Plato says in his narrative: the story of Plato is certainly true as it has already been told by Solon, who is the oldest of the seven sages. 

But at the time of Plato, people's opinion was divided. Some people believed that Plato's account was accurate in every detail, while others thought that this was legend, it must be said that this was also the view of Aristotle that comment abrupt end of the book of Plato, Aristotle wrote in his turn: Plato's Atlantis invent and he destroyed it.  

Atlantis as she really existed, is it just a legend, let's see archaeologist opinion in relation with the Bermuda triangle ?

Thus, for Aristotle legendary, Plato imagined Atlantis to sink into the depths of the ocean to escape criticism. But during the centuries that followed, it is the thought of Aristotle which spread by Christians, then only the scholars have remembered the texts of Plato.

   The search for the lost old city of Atlantis near the Bermuda triangle  is a mystery.

Thousands of years after the sinking of Atlantis, the question remains for many researchers as one of the greatest enigmas of human history. If Atlantis really exists, then it was really a great splendor uneven.

 Alien visitors enigma near the Bermuda triangle, how to solve the theories dossier mystery of flying saucers.

Knowledge of facts allows the reader to gain a more relevant to permanently resolve the mystery of Bermuda triangle and aliens.
However, to do research on this type of subject, it is preferable to adopt a scientific method of research.
A serious study allows many discoveries that without using all the old prejudices and other ideas currently circulating in the media.

In our study of the phenomenon flying saucers and aliens, amazing facts revealed, a scientific inquiry should be conducted to unravel the mystery plane, so no need for belief or science fiction as it takes to get to the clear historical facts and evidence speak for themselves to clarify the case flying saucers.

The reader is in a logic of finding the Atlantis lost city mystery facts.
Each proof of this and of this study is an important part to know the truth. 

Thus, the drive or will seek answers to questions about the Bermuda triangle and aliens, do they exist and why we are visited by flying saucers.

This is not to make a police investigation, but simply to knowledge of truth of the phenomenon of flying saucers over the Bermuda triangle. 

When researchers study important cases observation of flying saucers, they are well aware that this is not a myth.
It simply asks the reader to give greater attention to evidence from the scientist to know yes or no, if flying saucers exist.

Investigation and serious research on flying saucers, aliens dossier and Atlantis lost continent.

Alien visitors enigma  Today, where is the evidence on the existence of flying saucers and aliens in relation with the Bermuda triangle. 

The dispute between scholars about the evidence, often comes down to one question: what constitutes scientific evidence?
Should a flying saucer land at the entrance to the White House and an alien comes out to greet the American president, or a proof is a ground radar station detects a flying saucer.

Alien visitors enigma, amazing facts revealed  The case of flying saucers and aliens remains a great mystery, the investigation that follows will serve to clarify the phenomenon of flying saucers.

The people of Atlantis loved nature, animals, culture in all its forms and lived in peace until the day, the worst that this wonderful continent was gone in a day and a night under the water without a trace.

    Atlantis lost city mystery. Where is Atlantis, how to solve this great mystery of the Bermuda triangle?

Today the mystery of Atlantis is still around, for some authors it is a mysterious island full of secrets and mysteries of a forgotten continent submerged under the sea, where once lived a great civilization much more advanced than ours.

Atlantis was rich with treasures that Athens and even more powerful at the time. Atlantis has become a fascinating legend, an ancient myth and a terrifying reality for some.

Many Atlantis lost city mystery books that speak of the mystery of the Bermuda triangle and Atlantis.

One can easily find in a library or a bookstore specializing in books about Atlantis, ranked among the old history books or through books about unexplained phenomena.

The look made to locate the whereabouts of Atlantis are successively placed close to the Azores in the middle of the Aegean, on the banks of the shore of the North Sea, and even in the Sahara and also in the  Bermuda triangle.

Myth or reality: what historians say to explain the phenomenon of the Atlantis disappearance under the ocean near Bermuda triangle.

Faced with flying saucers and aliens, sociologists have also accompanied by an explanation of their astonishment.
Thus, following a study on the existence of flying saucers and aliens, it was found that one third of the population believes in flying saucers, should we be surprised by the persistence of such beliefs among the population, in our modern world, most of the time, belief is often treated as an error on the part of the population.

So as was repeatedly told by some scientists, it is as a psychological phenomenon defies reason.
So, consider those who believe in flying saucers and aliens from the angle of error or irrationality can be criticized by science.
So it does not take into account the ongoing research on this mystery, preventing analysis of scientific discussions, studying not only the reality or unreality of the presence of aliens, but also the truth in order to rule out the error, etc

 What do the searchers and archaeologist say in their books on the lost continent of Atlantis, how explain the riddle.

The lost continent of Atlantis amazing facts revealed. As described by Plato in his writings is probably a historical reality, which remains difficult to explain today, because we know not where is Atlantis.

Some commentators question whether the history of this island is a pure invention from the imagination of Plato? Many scientists think the opposite, because for over a century, many discoveries lead people to believe in the reality of this ancient legend.

But should we believe the accounts of Plato? In summary the story of Plato is as follows: twelve thousand years before our era, a giant continent called Atlantis would suddenly engulfed in the depths of the ocean is on this earth that the empire prospered Atlante where people lived and the Atlanteans were then to lay the foundation of all other known civilizations in the future.

Alien visitors enigma: The appearance of flying saucers contains an element of mystery that concerns archaeologist & scientists.

Investigate all cases of appearance of flying saucers, asked to consider seriously the content of all these appearances, which is rarely done by researchers from flying saucers.

But sometimes there are trying to give an explanation to this mystery, the apparent mystery of the belief in aliens and flying saucers appear to the public as a probable consequence of the sociological approach and not necessarily as a feature of the popular belief of this phenomenon. 

For researchers, taking the trouble to investigate the affairs of flying saucers, like a real detective, we quickly notice that these stories of apparitions and alien flying saucers, that the descriptions of witnesses changed over the last fifty years, which is obvious because, besides the faithful supporters identified by the studies, there are people who describe themselves as an expert in flying saucers.

What have we as evidence of the remains of Atlantis lost city mystery?

Periodically, the lost continent of Atlantis is talked about as a result of archaeological discoveries amazing facts revealed. 

Many remains are still to find and archeology of the islands in the Atlantic Ocean is just beginning, some Indian ancient texts can be completely reinterpreted to further advance the search for Atlantis and solve the puzzle, but it is d 'already possible to establish an explanation of the enigma of Atlantis and all the facts show that this ancient land has existed. 

According to some archaeologist interpreters, Atlantis was dedicated to the worship of an ancient god, Atlantis, therefore a real historical existence, the memory of that lost continent has been preserved in many ancient and historical documents that make this story a great mystery, for if Plato spoke of Atlantis in his writings, so where is this mysterious island: Atlantis.

What do the archaeologist experts in flying saucers for this dossier phenomenon?

Experts in flying saucers are not necessarily described as simple people who believe in a new kind of religion.
And religious belief refers above all, as does some experts in flying saucers and aliens in their sociological and scientific discourse on apparitions of creatures from the sky.
Thus, following a series of practical studies on this phenomenon mysterious flying saucer experts and investigators are studying the stories of fans witnessed flying saucers, and look for evidence of physical traces of the landing of flying saucers, and that visiting aliens, and write scientific reports on this phenomenon.

The lost city of Atlantis can be found by archaeologists, amazing facts revealed?

Indeed, archaeologists begin to rediscover the remnants everywhere. Thus, in the Atlantic Ocean, recently, researchers have found many remains of roads, houses, and cities that date back over 12,000 years.

Critics say it is historically false, because the first known cities, have been built, theoretically, that 7000 years later. However, scientists still do not know where is the exact location of the island of Atlantis and the enigma of Atlantis remains.

The mystery of Atlantis lost city mystery and research scientists, amazing facts revealed.

Recent discoveries about the search for Atlantis, have located a place on the approximate location of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Over the last thirty years, scientists s'ont asked if we did not seek Atlantis too far into the Atlantic Ocean, knowing that the ancient Egyptians did not know, not much of Maritime Affairs, and for them the Strait of Gibraltar was more of a geographical concept.

Sociologists say about aliens and the appearance of flying saucers.

Flying saucers are a recent social phenomenon, but the press reports for some time. And experts, as experts, equip the phenomenon of flying saucers visit of a story and they will look for evidence in the ancient stories, the legends, or religious stories, evidence of flying saucers are not recognized by some tanks. As noted by one expert on flying saucers: whatever the explanation given to the appearance of flying saucers, a phenomenon of collective hallucination masses, a natural heaven, etc.

Amazing facts revealed. Conclusion about the observations of flying saucers.

Thus, the observations are cataloged some old aerial phenomena, reported by pilots during World War II and on which historians have come to believe that the German army had a new secret weapon.

We can also solve the mystery of flying saucers and mystery of aliens, go further back in time by studying the medieval chronicles and some religious books, as the Bible.
Thus the Bible becomes for some believers in flying saucers, a proof of the existence of the phenomenon.

The only thing certain is advanced by the experts that Atlantis would be more likely in the west of Egypt. However, archaeological discoveries followed each other rapidly in the Mediterranean, archaeologists discovered more and more ancient remains on the seabed.

The discovery of a place that could be Atlantis is the island of Crete | Recent amazing facts revealed.

Indeed, the ancient Cretan civilization had been rediscovered by archaeologists at the very beginning of my 20 century, with the excavation of some archaeologist Arthur Evans. According to Arthur Evans, the ancient Greek historians had completely forgotten the history of the island of Crete and only remembered a few old myths, like the Minotaur, the breadcrumb and bull fights, etc.. Thus, recent excavations by archaeologists revealed to the world an ancient civilization, with its peaceful surroundings, a people who lived in family homes with two or three floors, running water and sewerage was present.

Cretan civilization was once the center of a vast empire, trade flourished and its influence stretched over much of the Mediterranean, according to historians was a time when the ancient people feared the sea This way, all the old trade between Europe, Asia and Africa was in the hands of traders Cretans, who were good sailors and overlooking the sea, also according to the ancient Greeks, ancient Cretan civilization was destroyed by the invading Greek armies.

Solve the mystery of Atlantis by the discoveries of archeology.

And recent archaeological discoveries show that the Cretan civilization was destroyed by a mysterious natural disaster, to about 2000 BC, archaeologists still do not know the cause. However, recent excavations carried out on the island of Thera near Crete, found a town called Santorini. The studies follow the research showed that the island of Thera, was the victim of a massive flood.

Since antiquity, Thera was called by historians: the round, this because of its shape, however, the eruption of a volcano was completely destroyed and engulfed the center of the island, it now has the form a crescent. The explosion of the volcano, as well as tidal waves caused by the shock of the explosion was probably caused in part the decline of Crete, which facilitated its conquest by the Greeks.

Marine research drilling, have indeed shown the presence of volcanic ash on the island of Thera and Crete too, so the mystery of Atlantis, is it resolved?, Is the mystery of the Atlantis is cleared?, Plato's story on the lost city of Atlantis is it true.

Dossier: Books and authors who speak of Atlantis and flying saucers aliens.

Currently, one can find a wealth of literature and books of interest about the mystery of Atlantis, works written by scholars, archaeologists, and historians abound in bookstores, the enigma of Atlantis will be lit in the open.