Forecast predictions of the End of the world in 2019 or 2019 and "Armageddon".  Explanation of the End of the world. Nostradamus

With explanations very objective, modern science linking the extinction of the human race on earth, the consequence of its own shares, ie pollution from the greenhouse effect.

These recent Past and Future forecast predictions events consequences, will make our earth uninhabitable for the human race, which will lead to its extinction. Also, science also demonstrates that the human race will disappear and in turn give way to other species. In the world of science, several sources can cause the destruction of the earth including all living beings who live there.

Among the possible forecast predictions scenarios of the end of our civilisation, cites the disappearance of the magnetic field of the earth, caused by cooling of the center of the earth.

This disappearance of the magnetic field will bring energetic particles in Earth's atmosphere. These particles, which in large quantities, will destroy the earth. In this way, the disappearance of Earth's atmosphere, will result in the destruction of the earth.

According to recent scientific book of prophecies theories, leakage of the atmosphere into space may occur in different locations until all of the atmosphere.

In this way, the sun is of such intensity over the entire surface of our earth, that dry up the seas and oceans. Planet Earth will end when one day explode, it will be the end of the world or a version of Armageddon according to science. Armageddon and the end of the world has been repeatedly announced.

A great astrologer we had already announced the end of the world and Armageddon for August 11, 1999. It was just an interpretation of the prophecies.

To be more realistic for the possibility of another scenario possible, some serious threats remain: Astronomers spotted an asteroid of about 275 m in diameter in 2004, not far from the planet Earth.

Currently, Earth is a source of all the concerns about all this are repeated everywhere and are similar according to sources: according to some astronomers, a huge meteor will pass within 30,000 miles of Earth 2030, hitting the Earth.

Forecast predictions Nostradamus and the end of Time. "Armagedon".  2019 end of the world. "Armagedon"

All that he had to do was to calculate the positions of the planets at the time have produced historical events past and then compare in a book of planetary tables already published, and so determine the approximate date of event similar could happen again.

But in general, Nostradamus prediction of the future, merely calculating planetary positions and allowed the public to determine the dates of future events, as many situations involving particular positions for which the establishment of tables of the inner planets was more difficult to know the future.

2019 forecast Nostradamus predictions - The book of prophecies of Nostradamus.  Complete prophecies of Nostradamus, explanation

He did not need extraordinary powers of divination to know the future. We often think that he is a cone-shaped hat decorated with moons and late at night watching the sky, with a crystal ball.

In fact professional astrologers he critics of his time because of his ignorance of astrology to know the future.

In fact, he was not a real astrologer. Many of the horoscopes he had given to famous people contained some errors.
For these reasons, he emphasized that its clients have already established their table by expert astrologers before seeing it. One wonders what has really encouraged people to come and visit.
Maybe it's the desire to have a second opinion.

The forecast Nostradamus predictions - However, the prophet had found the winning formula to predict the future, and that was to plan for the future of old events that happened.

So if the events happening again, then we can have a whole series of prophecies, and historical events which are repeated: the passage of comets, wars, famines, plagues, epidemics, the persecution of minorities, large disasters, military victories and defeats, the great naval battles, the appearance of horrible monsters, and especially the great earthquake, so the end of the world. 

In one year, produced over 300 prophecies to know the future, so he became in the field of prophecy and prediction of the future, a true expert, he published three almanacs in 1557 and two in 1558.

Scientists and astronomers are studying ways to prevent the disaster of Armageddon. Prevent Armageddon in 2018 or 2019

In the case of an Armageddon scenario, which consists of a collision with Earth asteroids, the practice of omerta is mandatory for policies. However, a catastrophic vision of this event followed by the end of the world, is being considered more seriously by some astronomers. A likely scenario of Armageddon provides: the giant tsunamis or other major environmental disasters on Earth would be expected. This scenario impact the Earth with a huge meteorite, an atomic energy would release over 500 megatonnes, which is 1000 times more powerful than Hiroshima.

The forecast Nostradamus predictions - Understand the book of prophecies of a great man.

In 1555, Nostradamus began to say that he was divinely inspired, which gives his predictions on an indisputable authority astrologers of his time.

Among the most popular astrological treatises to determine the future may be the Centuries of Nostradamus, published for the first time in 1555.
Each century brings together a series of 100 prophetic quatrains written in rhyme.

The doctor became famous with his prophecies in 1559 when King Henry II died in a way that was planned in the Centuries.

The forecast Nostradamus predictions - The prophecies of the french doctor, to understand the origins.

He is probably the most famous of all the prophets of the Middle Ages. Because what the French origin of Jewish family was born in France, in Provence, St. Remy, 14 December 1503. You should know that the Middle Ages was a particularly turbulent time, we know that the Catholic Church through a period of repression with the Most Holy Inquisition.

There were soldiers everywhere in the church who harass and arrest people at their pleasure.
Those who disagreed with the Church preferred to avoid contact with the priests, inquisitors.

And astrology and alchemy were both banned, as the prophecy was also considered a heresy by the Catholic Church.

From an early age, the family of the futur prophet, he learned the arts of alchemy.
Because he was particularly good at mathematics and astrology. 

To help him to live properly, the father encouraged him study medicine at university.
Then in 1525, talented Nostradamus passes examinations successfully and he left his city to fight the plague that was making havoc across Europe. 

But his methods of care were considered scandalous at the time by many physicians. We can even say that he practiced medicine man, closer to our modern medicine.

Is it possible to know the future in his book "The centuries Nostradamus prophecies"?.

The forecast Nostradamus predictions - How to read and understand the prophecies of Michel de Notre Dame:

Nostradamus said to see the future, why he has devoted much time to put in writing its forecast. At the time of the Middle Ages, religious beliefs prevented the prophets and seers to verbalize clearly the content of their visions, because they were accused of witchcraft or heresy.

The texts of his prophecies were written in the form of quatrains, resulting in great difficulty to correctly interpret the prophecies, especially those who predict the end of the world but most of his predictions about the future focused on the war major disasters and destruction up to the Apocalypse in the Bible, the end of the world.

The prophecies of Nostradamus in 1555, when it was published some of his prophecies, the man was alive, today it is certainly a mystery to mankind.

The prophecie's are unfortunately a source of contention, insults and general mistrust, because many people find it difficult to believe that a man can give as many details about future events. 

Some opinions believe that the gift of clairvoyance does exist, as he practiced astrology in his day, he is one of those who received a prophetic vision of the world's future.

They tells us it is of divine origin, and that only God guides man and send him the knowledge to know the future. From this point of view the man admits not being a true prophet, but sees itself as an intermediary.

They are concerning mankind, and particularly the European regions. However, we note that the United States are the current world power and the major events that affect them have a great impact on the rest of the world, it is normal that he mentioned the United States several times in his prophetic quatrains. 

At present, forecast Nostradamus predictions,  we can evaluate that on almost 1200 prophecies, much has already occurred.

The prophecies of this man, however, are rather difficult to decipher, and we tend to misinterpret the prophecies by changing some words just to match them to an event that happened, but when one knows how to write the man and dating methods, one can easily understand what he meant to know the future. 

For about four centuries, scholars, astrologers and scholars trying to unravel the mystery of his prophecies. We can study an example of one of his prophecies, in one of these quatrains about the end of the world:

"Twenty years of the moon passes September thousand years another shall hold its monarchy When do mine and my prophecy "
The interpretation of this prophecy is that he is referred to the end of the world and felt the cycle of life on earth to seven thousand years. 

And he has predicted many events before the end of the world many of which would have proved correct.
For cons, the end of the world, according to him in 1999 would fall in July, but we are still alive, is this a mistake on his part or we have misunderstood and misinterpreted?

Armageddon climate threat more worrisome to explain the end of the world.

Why the world press not talking about more of these weather warnings? The case dates back to the political power that prefers to remain silent and avoid the panic of the people.

Nostradamus understand from the beginning to the present.

From its inception the famous prophet made many predictions of his entourage. One of the greatest admirers of his time was the queen of France, Catherine de Medici. To the present day the man's Centuries is known for its complexity and to read most of his quatrains.

See our future with the prophecies of Nostradamus.

If we really want to see what the future holds, we must study the past decade of our century, will probably make a great event in the course of humanity. Many predictions of Nostradamus agree to locate the year 2000 a series of events that will change the course of the next century.

The interpretations we are waiting for us to understand planetary movements unusual and great heavenly power. There will thus change and can also be a shift in the axis of the earth. 

According to the forecasts of this famous prophet, these major changes will not happen quickly or without putting the disorder in human political, religious and other economic or social. 

According to him in his predictions, natural disasters await our land, floods and earthquakes, tornadoes and tidal waves.
The man believes that our Earth is a living organism which reacts by an explosion of anger against the actions of men against it and the waste of its resources, says Nostradamus in his predictions.

Famous forecast predictions of "The centuries prophecies" until year 6000.

Some predictions of the future about the end of the world according to his prophecies.
We see that the centuries book continue until year 6000. The french prophet describes how the land will be turned off in 3797. 

The planet Earth will be absorbed by the sun and it will turn into a huge mass of red light, but before a huge meteorite in part from the disintegration of other planets such as Venus, will be caught up in the sun before the earth. 

The french prophet explains that these meteorites crashing into the earth causing major floods and tidal waves, tsunami with a height of over three thousand feet high that will sweep away any civilization in their path.
He also provides that before a man leaves the earth, which will become uninhabitable to settle on other planets outside our solar system. 

He says that the man will first travel to the nearby planetary systems of earth and begat new civilizations to other worlds, more welcoming for survival.

Nostradamus describes the end of the world in his prophecies book.

We note that the description of the extinction of the earth a perfect fit that provides some modern scientists but other than the date. 

According to scientists, the end of our land has been calculated to an estimated four billion years later than those of the prophet, which was as certain a clearer vision than our modern scientists.

The prophet Nostradamus as a physician.

The course of life of the prophet destiny is fascinating, in 1529, the plague that struck Europe weakens and he was able to return to university to do his doctorate in medicine.

With its success in combating the plague, he obtained a professorship and taught medicine for three years.
But threats of religious authorities and the inquisition for his teachings do not conform to medical practice at the time. 

The man had to give up teaching at the university and he had to leave to fight the plague across the country.
As a physician, the doctor risked his life many times and recovered a large number of patients, perhaps thousands.

However, the threat of Armageddon is it real? Many specialists in this question, make predictions every year about new disasters from space outside the solar system.

Thus, the disappearance of dinosaurs on Earth, is an irrefutable proof of the vulnerability of terrestrial species, and warns us against our self-destruction possible, because of wars and so on. But another version of reality of our own demise, an Armageddon scenario possible, is to instead look into our human pollution?

Other possibilities are still our land impacts, such as global warming or neglect of biodiversity. No doubt this is the man who triggers our Armageddon, neglecting the concrete actions of ecology.

The mission of the man goes from doctor to that of prophet.

In 1537, Nostradamus was considered one of the greatest physicians of his time, but his family was affected by the plague. But despite its great efforts and the care he had developed all her relatives and friends died of the plague.

It was a great test for him, and many people reproached him to fail; he was forced to leave France to go to Italy as part of the population denounced to the Inquisition.

Nostradamus spent six years to escape the Inquisition. Then began his new vocation as a prophet. He was soon famous throughout Europe, was a man who can read the future. He was received by the Kings and Queens in royal courts and even advised some heads of states on the political leadership of the world.

Nostradamus long studied the occult, magic and Hermetic philosophy, which shows that, for him, man is divine.

In Italy, he has had contact with some mystical Sufis, he performed experiments with many substances that affect the barriers of consciousness. This is probably the origin of his trance states during which he wrote his prophecies.

Trance is a deep state of the brain during deep meditation. It usually occurs after a long practice experience.
Nostradamus and the philosophy of combining the magic and medicine that aims to heal the body and mind. 

His book of prophecies "The century prophecies" have become very popular nowadays in the media, know the future may be possible or available to certain insiders, what will be the end of the world according to him, only time will tell, is a whether he was indeed a true prophet, many people believe, however, it remains one of the great characters in the story that quoted much of mystery juice.

Found on the market a large literature about the french prophet "The century book".

A biography that deals with serious foundation investigates all the facts as determined by their foundations, and assesses the impacts on the deep psychology of his prophecies, in this way with a view to understanding the Centuries and determine what end of the world IT acts. It is strongly recommended to have no consideration for conventional wisdom.

The Internet has all sorts of false information on the life of this artist and his prophecies book "The century prophecies". People who are not really the difference between what is in the field of fantasy and reality will only see little point in analyzing the case of Nostradamus.